The CountriesEdit


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"Deus, they are on their way. Would you like me to prepare the Tempus Machina?" Secundus asked

"Yes, I would see that as an appropriate thing to do. Thank-you for your help in this process, Secundus." Secundus bowed and moved out of the golden arched room.

Deus sat in his gold throne padded with red leather. The room supported his massive size. The Throne Room in which Deus looked over the city thousands of feet into the sky was beautifully paneled in gold tiles. The room was like half of an auditorium. The entire room was shaped like a sphere until it was cut off at an opening in which a round platform stood, creating a balcony for him to look out at toward the city. He created this sanctum of protection for people to live in peace. As he could see, all was well.

Secundus reappeared in front of Deus, this time, followed by three other people, two men and one woman. They bowed before Deus, at which point he lifted his hand for them to come back up.

"Deus, I have brought the warriors to you."

Deus continued to smile as he had been the entire time. "Thank-you Secundus, you are dismissed." he ordered him with his booming croaky voice. Secundus left, his blue and black robes following behind him flourishing.

Deus was an old looking man, but his actions considered him to have great youth. He had a white beard down past his neck onto his chest where it lay, long white hair stretching to his eyes. He had plenty of wrinkels, but still his eyes looked youthful in many ways.

"Thank-you for coming great warriors. Before I begin further initiation, I want you to first be sure that you know what you're getting into." He took a quick moment of pause, and continued on, "By agreeing to the terms I have already adressed you of, you will be putting your life in a great mount of fate. Together, you will all help to protect this world, known as Earth. As I have already told you, Earth is growing greatly in population and technology, so it is at vital importance that I send protectors straight away.

You have offered your lives to go and protect this planet. If this is so, say 'That is Correct."

The three looked at Deus straight in the eye ... WIP